**How to build a great homepage on Kleap**

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The homepage is one of the most important page. It's the page that will be displayed when users click on your main URL. For instance, Kleap.co is the home page of Kleap.

Goals of a homepage:
- Give to visitors the most importants informations; What you do, who you are and who your service/product is for.
- Send your visitors to other pages (sales pages, informations pages, documentations, etc.)

The creation of a homepage on Kleap is like the creation of any other page.

You can find more explanation of how to create a website on Kleap:
* Here for mobile
* Here for desktop

Which page is the homepage ?

If you just create one page on Kleap, this will be automatically defined as the home page.
However, with several pages, you need to define the home page manually. How?

Follow this steps:

Go to the concerned workspace (if you have more than one)
On the dashboard, click on the pages tab.

Click on the 3 dots next to the page you want to set as homepage.

And then, set as home

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